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List #1: Resource websites for quant developers

From a marketing standpoint, backtesting tools are one of the keyword groups that seems to be left out by Ahrefs.  That's possibly one of the reasons the SERP is not yet crowded for it.  Ahrefs is not aware of the existence of search terms like "backtesting spreadsheet" while the Adwords Keyword Planner puts the monthly search volume close to 1000 searches. That's already a market, especially with these financial tools that are easy to productize.  For a related search term, prepending "forex" in front of it, Ahrefs undershoots the monthly volume. The term is also marked as super easy, rating of <5.  Let's now look at the SERPs and some new content found on Reddit. First 10 results for "forex backtesting spreadsheet" Free Trading Log Spreadsheet DR 37 What to Include in a Forex Backtest Spreadsheet - EarnForex ...