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In the SERPs: Crypto marketing agencies

Whats out there in digital marketing in the crypto niche? 

Like it or not, crypto is becoming a major tech niche. Major in terms of the money in it, at least.  Now that crypto is being traded and used as a form of investment more than ever, it makes sense that marketing in the crypto sphere would be booming. 

And it is. Crypto marketing agencies are popping up all over the internet, each offering their own suite of services. 

What's out there in terms of crypto marketing? Are they rookies? Are they small outfits trying to get into the limelight? Are they big agencies just getting their share of the market? 

Here's a quick run-down of some of the crypto marketing search terms that are popular:

  • crypto marketing agency - easy, 250 monthly
  • crypto seo - easy, 20 monthly 
  • vietnam cryptocurrency marketing agency - super easy, 400 monthly

These are numbers from Ahrefs pulled March 21, 2022.

What are everyone's experiences? 

I've seen the same thing in a couple of blog posts, pointing out that you shouldn't go by "reassuringly expensive" when working with crypto marketers. That's quite a common strategy in sales, but apparently in crypto it is just painfully obvious you are not getting what you pay for.

If I was to judge by the spam mail I get from crypto PR agencies, then sure. They ask for 20k fee for publishing on a bunch of domains that have next to no authority when you run them through Ahrefs. 

I don't think the real scene can be as bad...Can it?

Rookies or scammers

I did have a crypto PR agencies ask me for 20k to publish on a bunch of domains that do not carry any authority.

I actually think it's fair enough to try and see who will pay without checking the goods, but...You won't get this from an established marketer. Someone who has a reputation cannot afford cheating like that.

If the niche is full of people who came yesterday, then that means you are likely to come across overshot rates and underdelivering. 

Considering that crypto is a 100% purely digital concept, I'd expect crypto marketers would be polishing their online presence at least since the inception of Ethereum. 

But clearly, they aren't. 

Look at these two SERP screenshots. They are not small keywords...

...the top of the SERP for 400 searches has a domain with Ahrefs rate 0. 

It's still early: Opportunistic niche in both good and bad way

Unbelieavable, right? It is so early on that even a new domain gets a good place for a relatively good sales keyword. All that will possibly change only in a few months.

Either way, what I wanted to say by all this is that yes, actually: Crypto marketing can indeed be fairly lousy, because these people who occupy the top spots in Google are not experienced nor trusted. At least by the state of their digital presence.  

I would not recommend working with anyone who is crypto marketing without at least a minimum level of online research. If they don't have a website that looks good, then you can be pretty sure they will do a bad job marketing your crypto business, too. 

The same goes for their social media presence. If they don't even have a Twitter, forget about them.

The crypto marketing scene is definitely full of amateurs and small-time players. If you're looking for an experienced crypto marketer, you're not likely to find one working for a small crypto marketing agency. However, that doesn't mean all crypto marketing agencies are bad - just be sure to do your reasearch.


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